A Guidebook to the Secrets of Pittsburgh

This online guidebook to Pittsburgh’s "secret" places is created by undergraduate students in the University of Pittsburgh's "Secret Pittsburgh" classes.  This Literature course is inspired by the series of Secret city guidebooks published by Jonglez Press, marketed as “local guides by local people.”  Each semester, more places are added to this online guide to reflect the work of recent participants in the course. For information about the class, this project, and the copyright of our websites' content, please visit our About page.

Secret Pittsburgh places are organized primarily by neighborhood, listed on the left menu.  Specific entries can also be accessed via the Places Index.

As part of an ongoing Pitt project, designed for students as well for Pittsburgh residents and visitors, our guidebook entries differ a bit from the Secret city books.  Each place's entry has two parts:

1. At the top of each entry you will find information typical of a guidebook, including hours of operation, address, directions, website, and accessibility. These details are followed by a brief write-up about the site and its unusual and appealing features.

2. Alongside these guidebook entries are individual student stories about the place. These narrative essays focus on student-selected details (e.g. the history of steel-mill safety protocols, the evolution of graffiti art collaborations, the community use of a cemetery), appealing to readers particularly interested in that site.

For information about other projects and forms the Secret Pittsburgh class has generated, see our Related Projects page.  For a list of Secret Pittsburgh literature selections, check out our Bookshelf, with bibliographic details and short, honest, blurbs about each short story, novel, film, historical or critical work.

We hope that you find this guide engaging and useful--and that you will come back from time to time to see what's new.