A Guidebook to the Secrets of Pittsburgh

The Spring 2019 Semester Showcase will occur on Friday, April 19th from 2:00 to 4:30 pm in the Digital Scholarship Commons on the ground floor of University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library

Come learn all about the work the Secret Pittsburgh Spring 2019 class has been working on! The Secret Pittsburgh class has travelled far and wide through Pittsburgh to uncover some of the city's lesser-known destinations and activities. We will have information on the sites we have visited involving Pittsburgh Art, Archives, Industry, and even stories In Absentia. We look forward to sharing with you all that we discovered!

 The event is free and will include games and snacks!

Take our Buzzfeed quiz to find out which station you should begin at: https://www.buzzfeed.com/secretpittsburgh/unlock-pittsburghs-secrets-5tobsi5khw?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharecopy


Welcome to our Guide!

This online guidebook to Pittsburgh’s "secret" places is created by undergraduate students in the University of Pittsburgh's "Secret Pittsburgh" Literature classes, a course inspired by the series of Secret city guidebooks published by Jonglez Press, marketed as “local guides by local people.” Each semester, more places are added to this online guide to reflect the work of recent participants in the course. For information about the class, this project, and the copyright of our websites' content, please visit our About page.

Secret Pittsburgh entries are organized primarily by neighborhood, currently listed on the left menu.  Specific entries can also be accessed via the "Browse By Map" Index.

As part of an ongoing Pitt project, designed for students as well for Pittsburgh residents and visitors, our guidebook differs from the Secret city books in that each guidebook entry is composed of two parts:

1. At the top of each guidebook entry, you will find general information typical of a guidebook, including hours of operation, address, directions, website, and accessibility. These details are followed by a brief overview about the place and its unusual and appealing features. These general information sections are collaboratively composed by teams of students.

2. Below the general entry are individual student stories. These narrative essays focus on student-selected details about the location (e.g. the history of steel-mill safety protocols, the evolution of graffiti art collaborations, the ways living members of a community use a cemetery). Such stories will appeal to readers interested in learning more about specific locations.

Both the general and individual stories also feature photo-galleries with images captured and edited by students.


Looking for something more to read? Check out our Bookshelf, which offers bibliographic details and short, honest, blurbs about the short story, novel, film, historical, and critical works used by Secret Pittsburgh classes. This list will also be updated each semester.

We hope that you find this guide engaging and useful--and that you will come back from time to time to see what's new.


Recent Events: The Fall 2018 Showcase featured student-generated 360-degree videos, interactive displays, GIS maps, and illuminated letters collaboratively generated with two Composing Digital Media classes. Part of the Secret Pittsburgh class of Fall 2018 showcase was this interactive Buzzfeed Quiz, which you can still take to find out which Secret Pittsburgh site you are: https://www.buzzfeed.com/secretpittsburgh/what-secret-pittsburgh-destination-are-you-3owxk

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